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I'm using a Datefield to get user birthday..But its very difficult to select very past years like 1987..Here I have to move 12 month to pass a Year..Is any way to acheive it easily?

                <mx:DateField  width="17%" height="75%" selectedDate="{new Date()}" formatString="MM/DD/YYYY" />
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You can enable yearNavigationEnabled property of DateField control

<mx:DateField yearNavigationEnabled="true"/>

Just mouse press down on year navigation up arrow or down arrow it will increase/decrease.

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It is the Answer. :) Thank you very much . –  rightPath Dec 10 '12 at 10:04

Consider splitting this field into three list selectors, and populate each with sequential numbers, 1-31 for days, 1-12 for months (or use name selector), and 1900-current year (generated) for year. I have not ever seen any sites use such a combined field to select date of birth, this is used only for dates 1-2 months from current date. I expect such a component was NOT designed to select distant dates.

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thanks for your reply.. :) But above answer of Raja Jaganathan is the solution that i want.. –  rightPath Dec 10 '12 at 10:05

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