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I'm looking for a midi library in Python that will allow me to create a polyphonic midi file using different instruments.

What seems to get recommended here alot is MidiUtil. Although, it seems to have support for polyphony, I can't seem to change the instrument from piano.

Can anyone recommend an alternative midi library or advise on how to change the instrument?

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I suppose this is not the place for this question... anyway, I am almost sure a way to a add a program change (the way you change the instrument for a midi track) must exist, and in fact read emergentmusics.org/mididutil-class-reference , addProgramChange –  ShinTakezou Dec 10 '12 at 6:29

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To do this, each of the different timbres that you'd like to use in your file need to have their events on a separate MIDI channel. Before any notes sound on each channel, use the addProgramChange()method of the MIDIFIle object to select the correct patch on each channel.

addProgramChange(track, channel, time, program)

Add a MIDI program change event.

Use MyMIDI.addProgramChange(track,channel, time, program)


track: The track to which the event is added. [Integer, 0-127].
channel: The channel the event is assigned to. [Integer, 0-15].
time: The time at which the event is added, in beats. [Float].
program: the program number. [Integer, 0-127].

See http://www.emergentmusics.org/mididutil-class-reference for documentation of all the methods supported by that class.

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Thanks, I didn't realize that instruments were called programs according to the MIDI specification, my bad. –  Kevin Nasto Dec 17 '12 at 23:55

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