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There are some nice executable examples in the Go standard library. How can I add such an example to my own API documentation?

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Have you tried sourcing saved links from Go Playground? Or is this question more about how to actually embed them in your own docs? –  jdi Dec 10 '12 at 6:44

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Output of $ go help testfunc:

The 'go test' command expects to find test, benchmark, and example functions in the "*_test.go" files corresponding to the package under test.

A test function is one named TestXXX (where XXX is any alphanumeric string not starting with a lower case letter) and should have the signature,

 func TestXXX(t *testing.T) { ... }

A benchmark function is one named BenchmarkXXX and should have the signature,

 func BenchmarkXXX(b *testing.B) { ... }

An example function is similar to a test function but, instead of using *testing.T to report success or failure, prints output to os.Stdout and os.Stderr. That output is compared against the function's "Output:" comment, which must be the last comment in the function body (see example below). An example with no such comment, or with no text after "Output:" is compiled but not executed.

Godoc displays the body of ExampleXXX to demonstrate the use of the function, constant, or variable XXX. An example of a method M with receiver type T or *T is named ExampleT_M. There may be multiple examples for a given function, constant, or variable, distinguished by a trailing _xxx, where xxx is a suffix not beginning with an upper case letter.

Here is an example of an example:

func ExamplePrintln() {
        Println("The output of\nthis example.")
        // Output: The output of
        // this example.

The entire test file is presented as the example when it contains a single example function, at least one other function, type, variable, or constant declaration, and no test or benchmark functions.

See the documentation of the testing package for more information.

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