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As we know, when you edit a file in your working dir, and this file was already deleted by others, if you do a merge , you will get "local edit incoming delete upon merge", but how about the following situation?

Some days ago, I merged a specific revision 1000 from branch to Trunk, today, I need to merge revision 990~1100 from the branch to Trunk, you know, the svn merge 990~999 first, then merge 1001~1100.
In these revision, directory A has some interesting changes:

--> Some files were changed in revision 994 in directory A(the first merge apply these changes)

--> Directory A was deleted in revision 1004(the remaining merge apply the deletion)

At the end, I got a Tree conflict "local edit incoming delete upon merge", I want the both changes can be applied in Trunk, how should I do? Mark the conflict as resolved, then delete directory manually?

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Answer my question, maybe someone will encounter it in the future.

I tried some test, and the way to solve this issue is "Mark the conflict as resolved, then delete directory manually":)

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