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Is there a good class repository like PEAR for PHP for other languages such as Ruby or C#? If so what are they?

Are they any good?

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  • For Ruby there is rubygems - the de-facto standard repository.
  • For C# (.NET) - Codeplex is your best shot I think.
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Perl has the CPAN (possibly the best repository of reusable modules in the world).

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Ruby has its own package manager, rubygems. In addition, Ruby libraries can usually be found on either RubyForge or GitHub.

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Don't forget the very venerable RAA (raa.ruby-lang.org) –  Mike Woodhouse Sep 4 '09 at 16:03

Python has the PyPI, Haskell has the Hackage.

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There isn't such a thing in C# universe.

Maybe it's because in C# you can compile your binaries, which enhances interoperability.

If you need to find projects for csharp search for example google code, sourceforge, github or codeplex.

I don't know anything about ruby.

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