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I have a form with a table.

<form >
       <td >  <input type="text" id="slno1" size="25" value="10" /> </td>     
       <td >  <input type="text" id="data" size="10" value="this is a test" /> </td>      
       <td >  <input type="radio"  value="" id="edit1" name="sample"  /> </td>    

       <td >  <input type="text" id="slno2" size="25" value="10" /> </td>     
       <td >  <input type="text" id="data1" size="10" value="this is a test1" /> </td>    
       <td >  <input type="radio"  value="" id="edit1" name="sample"  /> </td>    
  <input type="submit" id="mysu1" Value="submits" />  

in that when a user selects a row with a radio button I want all the data on that row. so, we do :

var theSelectedRadioButton = theForm.find('input[name="sample"]:checked');

how can I get all the corresponding values in td's.

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You can use closest on the radio button to find the tr it's in, and then children to find all of the tds in that row:

var tds = theSelectedRadioButton.closest('tr').children('td');

Then extract the information from the tds, possibly in a loop using each or map. You haven't said where the information is, but for instance if you wanted their HTML:

var tdhtml = theSelectedRadioButton.closest('tr').children('td').map(function(td) {
    return $(this).html();

...results in an array of strings in tdhtml containing the HTML of each td. (Note the easily-missed call to get at the end: map returns a jQuery object even though the contents of it aren't DOM elements, get converts it into a normal array.)

Alternately if the information is stored in data-* attributes on the tds (data-foo in this example):

var tddata = theSelectedRadioButton.closest('tr').children('td').map(function(td) {
    return $(this).attr('data-foo');
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thank you I have updated with the form data also. when I keep a alert I am getting :tds as object object ..is there way easier than this – The Learner Dec 10 '12 at 6:54
@TheLearner: Right, tds is an object. It's a jQuery wrapper for the set of matched td elements. I showed you how to extract information from those elements (as arrays). Strongly recommend not using alert for this stuff. All major browsers have at least a half-decent debugger built in: blog.niftysnippets.org/2011/03/no-excuse.html Use a proper tool and you can inspect the contents tds / tdhtml / tddata and even (with several of those) use interactive code to figure out how to process it. – T.J. Crowder Dec 10 '12 at 6:59
var theSelectedRow = theSelectedRadioButton.closest('tr');

should give you the row, from there you can access the data in the row.

Aside: You can bind the data processing function to the radio button, then you don't need to "find" it.

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jsFiddle Demo

When the value of the target input field changes, you can find use .closest() to find the appropriate row, and then collect the values of each of the children into a new object.

$(theForm).find('input[name="sample"]').change(function() {

    var vals = $(this).closest('tr').children('td').map( function() {
        return $(this).find('input').val();
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