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I'm stuck with a problem right now. I have 4 websites each of which has a log-in screen.

Now here are the coditions before a user can log-in the these websites:

  • Website #1: Username must start with AB
  • Website #2: Username must start with BB
  • Website #3: Username must start with CB
  • Website #4: Username must start with DB

In each website, after the user supplies the correct username format and the corresponding password, he will be redirected to Account Information page.

What I want to do now is to handle this scenario: If user is in Website #1, but he entered a user name beginning with CB, I want him to be redirected to Website #3's Account information page, and bypass the log-in page of website #3.

My current implementation redirects correctly, but to the log-in page of the website.

Even just a logical explanation on how to do it would be greatly appreciated.

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