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i am using the Titanium studio for developing android application. a user click on item a new window is being opened which fetch data from a site and populate the tableview. so this window does take time to open. mean while i am fetching the data and showing loading screen like:

anotherWind.addEventListener('open', function (e) {

  }, 6000);

the problem is at this point i'm assuming it takes 6 second to fetch and display a tableview. but in real time it may not be the case as time may vary depending upon the data

when user click a icon it should display the loading screen only for the time data is not pulated and showed in tableview.

its a kind of notification between two tasks. one when task is complted it should notify other one.
how can i resolve that ?

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You can use a custom event listener. Example:

Ti.App.addEventListener('tableDataLoaded', function() {

When your table data is loaded, you fire the event:


I hope this will help you :)

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It seems multi-thread will be a good solution.Android provide some mechanisms of communication between different threads or processes.

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i have implemented the same. my new window needs to load remote data and populate the tableview.

so i just show the indicator in window open

anotherWind.addEventListener('open', function (e) { activityIndicator.show(); });

and then hide it when my remote data is loaded. inside the callback of httpclient

'APIGetRequest(this.apiURL, function(e) {
    var status = this.status;
    if (status == 200) {


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