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I have developed a web based application that runs through their VPN and everything works fine.

Now, the company requirement changes. They want to access the application like in standard online hosted site but without hosting to another server and just using the existing VPN.

Im not the one who set up their VPN and as far I as I know VPN can only be accessed in their own established network.

My App is made up of :

   1. Php
   2. MySql

The existing network setup: *(further explanation to clearly understand how the existing setup works)*

  *If you are on wifi, you need to change your internet 
 network provider to the specific company wifi network 
 in order to access my web app (I know this is obvious 
 but just added this to emphasize how to access my web app 
 using the current setup.).

Question: Is it really possible to access my web based app like online site hosted? Meaning, without necessarily changing the internet network provider

(Pls read my short explanation on how the existing network is setup).

Bottom-line, the new requirement says that they can access anywhere with/without through VPN

Note: If there are other ways other than putting this online as hosted and just simply use their existing network setup that would be very helpful. Thanks

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Sounds more like a question for serverfault.com – deceze Dec 10 '12 at 7:42
No, this is not suitable for Server Fault. Server Fault is for professional system administrators. – Charles Dec 10 '12 at 7:55
It's not terribly clear from your question, but it sounds as though the current webserver is located in a private network; in which case, to provide public access thereto from outside the network one would need to create a port-forwarding gateway or reverse proxy at the network perimeter. That said, it is pretty likely that their network administrators will want to locate the webserver within a DMZ so as to contain any security breach within a controlled area. In short, this problem is one for their network guys to address, not for their web developers. – eggyal Dec 26 '12 at 11:21

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