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How can I create a video from directory which contain set of images using c language. I want to do this inside a c Class file (not in command prompt). Something similar to this.

void ImagetoVideo(char [] path)
   // create video from file

I saw some code in the stack overflow but it's all about running a command line code. This is the code

ffmpeg -f image2 -start_number n -i "PATH_TO_IMAGE_FILE" video.mpg 
    -vcodec mpeg4 test.avi
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I'm afraid this is not that simple. FFMpeg is a huge universal media transcoder tool, and it was hard and long to write (may I say "one does not simply implement ImageToVideo() in 24 LOC"?)... –  user529758 Dec 10 '12 at 7:38
You could invoke that command line from your program, so why do you want/need to do it the hard way? –  weston Dec 10 '12 at 8:23
@wetson How can I invoke that command line inside my program ? That's what I wanted to know. –  Chrishi Dec 10 '12 at 9:10

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You can run this command inside your C++ (or C) code by using: system(...);

Here's more info: system(..)

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exec() would probably be more appropriate –  Spudd86 Dec 10 '12 at 17:29

You could code it yourself, it's not too difficult.

For AVI encoding you can use Revel. For JPG image processing you can use libJPEG. If you have images in other format you can use apropriate library to read them.

The full code to read every image and encode it would be a bit long. So, I show you the idea using pseudo-code. I used the same way when had a similar task.

   #include "revel.h"
    extern "C" {
     #include "libjpeg/jpeglib.h"

    std::vector<BYTE> frame_buffer;

    Revel_Error revError;
    int encoderHandle;
    revError = Revel_CreateEncoder(&encoderHandle);
    Revel_Params revParams;

    revParams.width = ; // put image width here
    revParams.height = ; // put image height here
    revParams.frameRate = 25;
    revParams.quality = 1.0f;
    revParams.codec = REVEL_CD_XVID;
    revParams.hasAudio = 0;
    revParams.audioSampleFormat = REVEL_ASF_UNKNOWN;
    char favi[] = "encoded_video.avi";
    revError = Revel_EncodeStart(encoderHandle, favi, &revParams);

while(read & decode every image into 'frame_buffer' with apropriate lib)
    Revel_VideoFrame frame;
    frame.width = image.getwidth();
    frame.height = image.getheight();
    frame.bytesPerPixel = ; // color depth in bytes. if you're using libjpeg it would be cinfo.num_components;
    frame.pixelFormat = REVEL_PF_BGR;
    frame.pixels = &frame_buffer[0];
    int frameSize;
    revError = Revel_EncodeFrame(encoderHandle, &frame, &frameSize);

    int totalSize;
    revError = Revel_EncodeEnd(encoderHandle, &totalSize);
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