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i am new bie to titanium in my app i need to download and save a pdf file in iOS using titanium and the downloaded file can be accessible by third party pdf viewer applications.any help to achieve this thanks in advance.

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1- Make sure your webservice returns a PDF file.

2- Use the FileSystem to manage your files

var xhr = Titanium.Network.createHTTPClient({
    onload : function() {

        var f = Ti.Filesystem.getFile(Ti.Filesystem.externalStorageDirectory, 'file.pdf');

        tmpFile = Ti.Filesystem.createTempFile();
        var newPath = tmpFile.nativePath + "." + f.extension();"newPath: " + newPath);
        tmpFile = Ti.Filesystem.getFile(newPath);

    timeout : 10000
});'GET', 'your webservice');

Now you use a pdf viewer and open the PDF from the externalStorageDirectory I tested on Android, it works !

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Does it work on iOS? – JRC Apr 15 '15 at 7:55

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