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Sorry, i am again here, because i have a fast question,for example if i have this rdf:

<ts:Entity rdf:ID="1234_test"> 
       <ts:testProp rdf:datatype="">test_ID_test</ts:testProp>

How i can extract the value test_ID_test??? And if i want use SPARQL how can i do with jena???

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For running a SPARQL query using Jena, see the ARQ documentation or the Jena SPARQL tutorial.

As for your query, it depends how you want to identify the resource. If you know a priori the URI of the resource, it's straightforward:

prefix ts: <>
select ?tp_value where {
  ts:1234_test ts:testProp ?tp_value

If you happen to know only that it's a resource of type Entity, the query is only slightly more involved:

prefix ts: <>
select ?tp_value where {
  ?entity a ts:Entity ;
            ts:testProp ?tp_value
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Thanks for the answare but in that case the response is: test_ID_testy^^ You know how to get only test_ID_test?? – Asp1de Dec 10 '12 at 11:18
When you call the toString() method on a Jena value, it returns a value useful for debugging, including the datatype. Since what you actually have is a Jena Literal object, to get the lexical form of the literal as it appeared in the data use the getLexicalForm() method, and to get the actual value (e.g. if it's a double or int) use .getValue(). – Ian Dickinson Dec 10 '12 at 11:50

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