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I am using a template to display some button. I have written the following code :

template: kendo.template($("#edit-template").html())

And in the edit template I have written :

<script id="edit-template" type="text/x-kendo-template">
    <a class="k-grid-edit" style="visibility:hidden;" id="edit">Edit</a>

Initially it will be hidden mode. On databound function, I will show or hide the button. If the permission is shown then I write


Whenever I am updating the grid then the edit button is disappearing again. This is because the button is in hidden state initially. After updating also I need to display that in visible mode. How can i do that.


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What about transforming your template into:

<script id="edit-template" type="text/x-kendo-template">
    # if (isVisible) { #
        <a class="k-grid-edit">Edit</a>
    # } else {#
        <a class="k-grid-edit" style="display:none">Edit</a>
    # } #

and then have a variable:

var isVisible = false;

Then toggling it to visible is:

isVisible = true;

while hiding it is:

isVisible = false;

Basically the variable isVisible stores the state and the template checks it using JavaScript.

NOTE The template might be more compact but I think this is more readable.

One more question (styling) I removed the id from the anchor a in your template since id must be unique and you were setting the same id for all kendoGrid rows.

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