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I planned to use this great library but i guess i was wrong
Inside YUI3 library, For every method and class, there is
no example at all.

I don't know why yahoo make so much documentation without example
of every method and class and even class methods also.

Am i missing something?

I posted this question and getting no response. and even in stackoverflow also. Here is my question

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Actually YUI has excellent documentation. The User Guides as well as functional examples are available in addition to the api docs
Is every method everywhere totally documented? No. But they do take pull requests though if you'd like to add to it. Also the best place to ask questions is on the #yui irc channel on freenode. Also if you are coming from jquery the rosetta stone site will help.

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Thanks Kevin for rosetta stone, I was looking to use 'find' method of array class (link) and i didn't find any example so i was so upset. Let me see the rosetta stone. might be it can help me. –  Vineet Dec 10 '12 at 9:34

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