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I have done some research on this and everything said / suggested so far has failed to work.

I am trying to capture the input from a select tag, however nothing comes through, not even null.

The code:

  function validateForm()
    var name = $('#txtName').val();
    var email = $('#txtEmail').val();
    var tel = $('#txtTel').val();
    var look = $('#lookingFor').val();
    var goals = $('#goals').val();
    alert(name + " " + email + " " + tel + " " + look + " " + goals);
    return false;


<select class="fomForm select" style="color:#777;" 
id="lookingFor" name="lookingFor">
<option value="">I'm looking for</option>
<option value="">CYCLING</option>
<option value="">RUNNING</option>
<option value="">TRIATHLONS</option>
<option value="">TRAINING CAMPS</option>
<option value="">PERFORMANCE TESTING</option>
<option value="">DIET &amp; NUTRITION</option>
<option value="">WELLNESS</option>

I apologise for asking this as there are quite a few resources on the internet however they don't seem to help this case. The name, email etc all display fine in the alert but the select boxes do not.

I have no errors in the console.

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you have no value in your select box option...so the alert is empty

<option value="">I'm looking for</option>
<option value="">CYCLING</option>

replace the value with the value u want....

<option value="iamlookingfor">I'm looking for</option>
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Oh! Cannot believe I missed that one! Thank you very much, I guess its always a case of double and triple checking everything! –  Josh Boothe Dec 10 '12 at 9:35

It is not showing because all the values in your select options are empty.

Try putting some value:

 <option value="TRIATHLONS">TRIATHLONS</option>
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alert($(".fomForm option:selected").text()); })});

Take a demo in this fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/tAxDv/

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Seems like you are missing the value for options. They all say option=""

Put the value in there, and it should start working with $('#lookingFor').val()

If you don't have control on the html, or can't add values for whatever reasons, this should give you the text displayed in the option

$('#lookingFor option:selected').text()
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