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In my swing application, I have set the UI Look and Feel as:


And it works well on Windows. Inside, the application, the user has to select files using the JFileChooser. The JFileChooser appearance on windows is again the native one. But not on Mac. The screenshot of the JFileChooser Panel:

enter image description here

But instead, I prefer something like this: (This one is taken from upload option in gmail)

enter image description here

What should I change the UIManager to or anything else??

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Several alternatives include these:

  • java.awt.FileDialog, illustrated here.


  • A custom ChooserUI, shown here.


  • A completely custom implementation; several variations are shown here.


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+1 for the nice screenshots (don't have a Mac to make them ;-)) –  Guillaume Polet Dec 10 '12 at 11:03
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On MacOS, you can use the FileDialog which looks like what you are describing. The drawback is that it is a lot less configurable.

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+1 for FileDialog. –  trashgod Dec 10 '12 at 10:41
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The file chooser implementation for Windows, Linux and Mac is not 100% right for any OS

Unfortunately if you really want this you need to look for a replacement for JFileChooser or you need to write your own look and fee.

Java has trouble keeping up with the OS changes.

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