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using visual studio (database pro) 2008, i have created a unit test (using the SQL unit test) that tests several stored procedures in order.

The solution is designed to call each SP after a period of time, not within the same second.

Thus the unit test fail and requires a short pause between each call.

Any ideas? is there a standard Thread.Sleep style function i can use?

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Maybe I'm wrong, but, try to fix the SPs and not try to force the tests to give the results you expect. –  Eduardo Molteni Sep 8 '09 at 16:37

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Having unit tests that are slow is always bad. Having unit tests depending on each other (don't know if that is the case) is also bad.

So I strongly suggest you try designing your code so you can test without the delays. But if you really want delays WaitFor might be the solution (assuming SQL server).

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