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For the fallowing sample of code , i need to check if a tr ,with type="a" and that has a td with text "3" as a child ,exists:

    <tr type="a">
    <tr type="b">
    <tr type="a">

Tried this :

    b.tr( :xpath =>"//tr[@type='a']").td( :text =>'3').exists?

but it doesnt work ( the xpath expression returns only the first tr of the 2 existing).

Any ideas ? Is there an xpath expression that will return true if the tr I need exists ?

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Alternatively, this can also be done without xpath:

b.trs.count{ |tr|
  tr.attribute_value('type') == 'a' and tr.td(:text, '3').present? 
} > 0

A little bit more verbose, but I think it is easier to read than xpaths.

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Works perfectly ! Thank you. –  MichaelR Dec 11 '12 at 8:57


boolean(/*/tr[@type='a']/td[. = 3])

This XPath expression evaluates to true() exactly when there exists a td whose string value is equal to the number 3, and that has parent tr the string value of whose type attribute is "a", and which (the tr) is a child of the top element of the XML document.

Otherwise the XPath expression evaluates to false()

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Thank you ..... –  MichaelR Dec 11 '12 at 8:57
@MichaelR, You are welcome. –  Dimitre Novatchev Dec 11 '12 at 12:43
b.tr(:xpath =>"//tr[@type='a']", :index => 1).td(:text =>'3').exists?


b.tr(:xpath =>"(//tr[@type='a'])[2]").td(:text =>'3').exists?
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Not sure why you are using an index..? That was just an example of a code , i dont know for sure that what im looking for will have index 2 –  MichaelR Dec 10 '12 at 10:20

Well am not sure if this helps but this code returns a count of how many elements the xpath expression returns , so you can check if the count is 0 then no matches otherwise it would return the number of matches :

var doc = document.evaluate("//table/tbody/tr[@type='a']/td[text()=1]",document,null,XPathResult.ORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE,null);


var doc = document.evaluate("//table[@id='tableId']/tbody/tr[@type='a']/td[text()=1]",document,null,XPathResult.ORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE,null);

if you have an id for your table.

Hope this helps in any way.

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