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Having a class type (for example D that was inherited from C, that inherited from B) how to list all class members (including inherited) that are marked with protobuf .net ProtoMember attribute in order from top parent to bottom descendant ( B members, C members, D members)?

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This is an easy one: the answer is "none". [ProtoMember] has an [AttributeUsage] declaration that limits usage to properties and fields, not methods. Thus, there are precisely zero methods marked with [ProtoMember] at any level. However, if you actually mean "members", then: reflection is your friend. – Marc Gravell Dec 10 '12 at 9:50
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Usually the answer would be just to check with reflection, using GetFields(), GetProperties(), and Attribute.IsDefined. However, in this case it may be more advisable to ask the protobuf-net model what it thinks exists:

using ProtoBuf;
using ProtoBuf.Meta;
using System;
[ProtoContract, ProtoInclude(5, typeof(Bar))]
public class Foo
    public int X { get; set; }
public class Bar : Foo
    public string Y { get; set; }
static class Program {
    static void Main() {
        var metaType = RuntimeTypeModel.Default[typeof(Bar)];
        do {
            foreach(var member in metaType.GetFields())
                Console.WriteLine("> {0}, {1}, field {2}",
                    member.Member.Name, member.MemberType.Name,
        } while ((metaType = metaType.BaseType) != null);

The advantage of this is that it will work even for custom configurations (attributes are not the only mechanism for configuring protobuf-net)

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