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I have finished building a mobile app in android using Phonegap and jquerymobile framework and now started porting to symbian os and followed documentaion here .In both os the project is built in www folder due to weightage of project i had to create many folders like js,css. etc. but in symbian os they said that index.html file only be accessing the phone functionality through phonegap.js so i have placed the whole app around it without any folder made changes in coding according to that. Now i run the app in symbian sdk

Symbian belle 1.0

the index.html file which is the first page to load and runs properly when i try to link to another page like info.html the app gets closed with error saying

Application Closed : WidgetUi KERN-EXEC 3

How to make these link to other pages work in symbian .I use both $.mobile.changePage("info.html"); and normal href linkink both didn't work. I have really tried to find a solution for this myself ,any reference or sample project to build a symbian .wgz app would also helpful. Thanks for any help.

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