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The question is in the title. The property can be found in some documents. for example

What is the meaning of this property in dbpedia gibberish ? How is it used ? What is the semantic meaning of it (geez I'm starting to speak like a real semantic web geek) .



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Obviously, that property has no semantic meaning. Instead of using languages_type and languages pair, the article's infobox uses custom a key-value pair (blank_name_sec1 and blank_info_sec1). Such names come from infobox templates. You can find that the Country template has a language key-value pair, but the Settlement template hasn't.

You can reference the original article's markup ({{Infobox settlement}} section) and Template:Infobox settlement.

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Thanks for your answer. However I'm accessing dbPedia from java ( using Jena). How am I supposed to know the title of that property ? Is there a way to automatically "expand" that property to figure out its "real" name / display name? – azpublic Dec 10 '12 at 12:15
As far is I know all such properties have word blank in their name. Assuming that you can filter it. For example regex(str(?predicate), "_?blank[0-9]*_"). – Lev Khomich Dec 10 '12 at 12:48

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