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I'm having a many-to-many association between tables Student and Course, that are connected through StudentCourse. StudentCourse has an extra property called grade. In order to have access from a student to his grades for a particular course, I wrote the following mapping in Student.hbm.xml:

<map name="coursesGrades" table="StudentCourse" lazy="false" cascade="save-update" inverse="true">
    <key column="studentId" />
    <map-key-many-to-many class="Course" column="courseId" />
    <element type="integer" column="grade" />

When fetching the data everything seems to be great. However, when trying to update a grade I get a unique-constraint violated exception, because instead of updating the row, hibernate is trying to insert a new row with the same studentId and courseId (which are defined as unique).

So my question is: how do i make hibernate update the map by studentId and courseId?

StudentCourse.hbm.xml looks like this:

<class name="StudentCourse" table="StudentCourse"...>       
        <composite-id name="pk" class="StudentCoursePK">
            <key-many-to-one name="Student" column="studentId"/>
            <key-many-to-one name="Course" column="courseId"/>
        <property name="grade" type="integer"/>         

Any help will be appriciated.

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ok, i got it. What i did was fine but there was a problem with the data in my db, StudentCourse actually referenced another column in Student, and not studentId. Fixed it and everything works perferctly. Anyway, hopes this will help someone... –  sgrossman Dec 12 '12 at 8:07
ignore the comment. still not working :( –  sgrossman Dec 12 '12 at 8:17

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Since you set inverse to true for the coursesGrades map, it means that Student is not the owner of this relationship so it won't update the grades. How do you update your data exactly ? Also I do not understand your StudentCourse class mapping, isn't the mapping defined in Student enough to map the StudentCourse table ?

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