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I found this site, https://github.com/ghughes/fruitstrap/blob/master/fruitstrap.c

first of all, he use AMDeviceTransferApplication to transfer file to ios device,

path = /PublicStaging/*.ipa

second, he use AMDeviceInstallApplication to install ipa file.

AMDeviceInstallApplication(installFd, path, options, install_callback, NULL);

my question is how to create options in C#.

my code is:

int value2 = MobileDevice.AMDeviceInstallApplication(installFd, MobileDevice.CFStringMakeConstantString("c:/Google_Translate_v1.3.1.2978(os3.0).ipa"), null, null, null);

value2's output is -402653104.

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You need to install the app bundle (.app folder, say from Xcode's build folder) not the .ipa file.

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Was there ever an answer to this? I tried to take a stab at using MobileDevice but could not get the calls to work either. Hopefully someone can figure this out.

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