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I have to add the no of delays to calendar type , and wants the new date in Calendar Type only.

limitDate = orderDate + settlementDelay.


limitDate = java.util.Calendar

orderDate = java.util.Calendar

settlementDelay = int 

I tried something like this :

Calendar limitDate = order.getOrderDate().add(Calendar.DATE,settlementDelay);

But its giving me the

Type mismatch error: Cannot convert from void to Calendar.

Can anybody help me out?

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You're getting this error because Calendar#add() method doesn't return anything (see void) and adds the input date/month/year etc in the supplied Calendar instance itself.

EDIT: If you really need a new instance then use code like this:

Calendar limitDate = Calendar.getInstance();
limitDate.setTime( orderDate.getTime() );
limitDate.add(Calendar.DATE, settlementDelay);
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Yes..I know but i would like to have the orderDate+ settlementDelay should return me new Calendar –  Beginner Dec 10 '12 at 10:49
See my edit section for getting a new Calendar instance with day addition. –  anubhava Dec 10 '12 at 10:53

You should consider using the joda-time library instead.

It's far better for date manipulations. It does has the plusDays method you seem to want.

DateTime orderDate = ...;
DateTime limitDate = orderDate.plusDays(settlementDelay);
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