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I'm using jQuery UI position() to position a custom tooltip. The problem I have is that the tooltip always appears in the same place (at the top of the table), when I want it appear when an anchor is hovered (inside a table row).

The code looks like this:

$('.sales-dashboard td a').on('hover', function() {    
            my: "left center", 
            at: "right center", 
            of: ".sales-dashboard td a" 

A table row looks like this (the tooltip div is being inserted after the closing tag of the anchor);

<tr class="even">
    <td><a href="#">123</a></td>
    <td>Device is active</td>

How can I get the tooltip to appear next to the anchor that is hovered?

Thanks in advance.

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I've managed to fix the positioning of the tooltip by passing this to the of in the position method and adding an offset;

$('.sales-dashboard td a').on('hover', function () {

    .position({ my: "left center", at: "right center", of: $(this), offset: "20 0" });
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