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I have the following on my site...

     // Move to 'start' element
    .moveTo(400, 50, {name: "one"})
    // Line to 'description' element
    .lineTo(1600, 50, {name: "two"})
    // Arc down and line to 'syntax'
    .lineTo(3200, 50, {name: "three"})
    // Continue line to 'scrollbar'
    .lineTo(3200, 50, {name: "four"})

I'd like the firxt value in each function to become a variable and then multiple accordingly. Ive tried the following with no luck, but im wondering if this is even possible?

    var width = $(window).width();

    // Move to 'start' element
    .moveTo(width, 50, {name: "one"})
    // Line to 'description' element
    .lineTo(width * 2, 50, {name: "two"})
    // Arc down and line to 'syntax'
    .lineTo(width * 3, 50, {name: "three"})
    // Continue line to 'scrollbar'
    .lineTo(width * 4, 50, {name: "four"})
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You need to multiple second with 4 and third and fourth with 8 – Adil Dec 10 '12 at 11:03
I think you're using scrollpath here rather than canvas, right? It confused me... – Stuart Dec 10 '12 at 12:35
Your code should work but where is the Path object? Perhaps you're putting the var width... line in between the object and its methods (moveTo and lineTo), in which case it wouldn't work? – Stuart Dec 10 '12 at 12:43

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