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How can I disable a particular cell of a row when edit in extjs 4.1.1? i am using gridrow editor. I have a grid which has 2 columns, name and age. When click for edit I have to disable the name field, the user can only edit age.

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Please help me as soon as possible... –  RP89 Dec 10 '12 at 11:10

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If you can only edit using the row editor, then don't specify the editor config on the column. If you can add too, then you could try the following ( I haven't ever done it myself, but it should work) :

grid.on('beforeedit', function(editor, e, eOpts) {
     // if editing.. 
     // else
     this.down('column[dataIndex=name]').setEditor(/* editor config */);
}, grid);
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