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I'm running a simulation algorithm for example 500 runs, (note: the result is matrix) , my question is: How can i store all the results "the 500 matrix" ? i want first matrix,then the second after the first etc. i will have a bigger matrix 500 matrix vertically, Is it possible??

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Suppose you have your result matrix Mcurrent

If you want to save it you can say save Mcurrent

However suppose you have a result matrix Mcurrent and you want to attach the new results Mnew to it you can do

Mcurrent = [Mcurrent Mnew] 


Mcurrent = [Mcurrent; Mnew]

depending on the size of Mnew.

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If the results are large you might want to save them in their own file and post process later. For something like CFD that would be the norm (save each as its own and write a script to process the results on each file).

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