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I've got a strange situation. I downloaded gtkglarea. I ran the configure script, telling it --with-lib-opengl32. This is necessary under MinGW because OpenGL is in the library c:/mingw/lib/opengl32.a. I also specified to configure that it needs to look for libraries in c:/mingw/lib using --libdir=c:/mingw/lib. And I have the library opengl32.a in that directory as well as glu32.a.

Despite my taking these steps, the configure script claims it cannot find the library. I looked at the script and am not clear on why it's failing.

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Check the output of the failing test in config.log. That should show you how the configure script is invoking the compiler/linker (i.e., what linker flags it's using).

Are you using straight MinGW or MinGW+MSYS?

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