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I am looking for all addresses related to:

  • 3.x eclipse itself (milestones and/or integration builds)
  • 3.x other components (GEF, GMF, EMF, ...)

In the spirit of answering my own question, I do have an answer for:

However, If you have further addresses, either for eclipse or other eclipse components, please publish them here.

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added back the 'site' tag. With eclipse, 'update site' is relevant – VonC Oct 8 '08 at 4:36

Update September 2009: see also addresses for eclipse 3.6 Helios

For eclipse itself, the eclipse wiki

However, the Milestone names are not there yet. (For instance, the build number there is 20080807 is assumed to be 3.5M1)

The update site will be added as a location for builds in order to get published to automatically: see bug 248509

Warning: the update process in itself might generate some freeze (see bug 234916) which might be solved by using a local http client (bug 220240).

Meaning you should first update your eclipse installation with the ECF_Apache_Httpclient-Based_Provider update site (, then try the different update sites mentionned for eclipse components.

Update May 2009

The page "compare package" now provides all links to different released packages
(See links to the left of the page: Europa 3.3, Ganymede 3.4, Ganymede SR1, and Galileo 3.5Mx)

The current available Galileo M6 lists packages built with M6 release. That address will soon be not valid since Galileo M7 has just been published (May, 2d 2009).
The new Galileo packages (M7) will then be at this address.

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If other addresses should come up in this question, I would accept your answer instead of accepting mine ;) – VonC Jan 6 '09 at 12:34
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For eclipse 3.6 Helios (see above for eclipse3.5), from "Catching up with Milestones and I-Builds"

The p2 repos for Eclipse are not only for the stable releases, but also for the Milestones, I Builds and Nightly builds:
See Eclipse Project Updates Sites

Prakash G.R. in his post advices:

Go to your Preferences and add the required repo in your Available Software Site preferences (and disable all others, it will be slow to update).

alt text

Also enable the automatic updates. You are done. Whenever there is a new Milestone (or an I-Build), then your Eclipse gets updated automatically to it and you don't have to worry about installing other required plug-ins

alt text

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How about this one for Eclipse 3.5?

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It is a good one. +1 – VonC Apr 26 '10 at 19:16

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