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I want to know the distance of person form camera . i am using android motorola tablet.

i am using camera api of android - API Level 14.

i am using following formula:

objectDistnance = ((objectheight(pixel) * focal-length(mm)) / imageheight(pixel);

imageHeight is height of my preview screen;
focal length i am getting from Camera api : 4.42 mm;
object height i am giving as input of person's height in mm : 1620mm

and i want to calculate the distance of person from camera.

by using this formula i am getting wrong distance it is giving me 60mm but actually it is more then 2500mm

so please anyone help me with this am i using correct formula ?

what should i do to get the correct distance of person from camera

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From here I got the following formula:

distance to object (mm) = focal length (mm) * real height of the object (mm) * image height (pixels)
                          object height (pixels) * sensor height (mm)

So it seems you did not include enough reference variables.

Lets asume the following:

Focal Length: 4,42mm
Real Height of object: 1620mm
Image Height: 2048px
Object Height: 1024px
Sensor height: 24mm

4.42mm * 1620mm * 2048px
1024px * 24mm

The Result of this would be 1193 mm Since I don't know all of your variables I could not recalculate your situation.

edit I just checked this formula using my Samsung Galaxy S with the following values:

3.79mm focal length 
100mm real object height
2592px image height
1200px object height on image
4.54mm sensor height

I took a picture from about 200 - 250 mm away (I did not measure the exact distance). The result of this calculation is ~200mm which would fit to this test.

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How u are saying sensor height is 24mm ? i couldnt get can u please explain ? with what reference Sensor height is 24mm – J Innovation Dec 10 '12 at 12:53
how object height is 1024 px ?please explain i am not able to understand. – J Innovation Dec 10 '12 at 12:59
That depends on the camera you are using. I just took a size I found on the internet of a DSLR. On Android it will be much smaller! You can get Information about the sensor size [here] ( How to get these information using the Android API I do not know – HashtagMarkus Dec 10 '12 at 13:06
Object height is the height of the object in the taken picture. I assumed it would be 1024px height. This value must be calculated by yourself. Those values are only example values... – HashtagMarkus Dec 10 '12 at 13:08
If object height is height of object in taken picture, then what will be Image height? – Shweta Dec 10 '12 at 13:22

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