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I have to delete files from a sub folder with a same name. My filepath is like as follows.


I tried deleting using "del" command in batch script. But there are more than 100 folders with in the folder "test". So it is very difficult to use "del" for each and every path.

Except for the parent folder name of "archive" folder, everything remains the same for all the paths. So I guess there might be some easy way to delete the files using batch script.

Can anyone guide me whether there is any easy way to delete the files using batch script? Or i have to repeat "del" for all 100 folders?

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You can use the /s switch for del to delete in subfolders as well.


del D:\test\*.* /s

Would delete all files under test including all files in all subfolders.

To remove folders use rd, same switch applies.

rd D:\test\folder /s /q

rd doesn't support wildcards * though so if you want to recursively delete all subfolders under the test directory you can use a for loop.

for /r /d D:\test %a in (*) do rd %a /s /q

If you are using the for option in a batch file remember to use 2 %'s instead of 1.

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+1, but you probably want to add the /s /q options to your last example. – dbenham Dec 10 '12 at 12:57
Oh yeah I forgot :) thanks – Bali C Dec 10 '12 at 13:11

Use powershell inside your bat file

PowerShell Remove-Item c:\scripts\* -include *.txt -exclude *test* -force -recurse

You can also exclude from removing some specific folder or file:

PowerShell Remove-Item C:/*  -Exclude WINDOWS,autoexec.bat -force -recurse
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Moved from the closed topic

del /s d:\test\archive*.txt

This should get you all of your text files


I modified a script I already wrote to look for certain files to move them, this one should go and find files and delete them. It allows you to just choose to which folder by a selection screen.

Please test this on your system before using it though.

@echo off
Title DeleteFilesInSubfolderList
color 0A

REM ---------------------------
REM ---------------------------

set targetFolder=
REM targetFolder is the location you want to delete from    
REM ---------------------------
REM ---------------------------

IF NOT DEFINED targetFolder echo.Please type in the full BASE Symform Offline Folder (I.E. U:\targetFolder)
IF NOT DEFINED targetFolder set /p targetFolder=:
echo.Listing folders for: %targetFolder%\^*
set Index=1
for /d %%D in (%targetFolder%\*) do (
  set "Subfolders[!Index!]=%%D"
  set /a Index+=1
set /a UBound=Index-1
for /l %%i in (1,1,%UBound%) do echo. %%i. !Subfolders[%%i]!

set /p Choice=Search for ERRORS in: 
if "%Choice%"=="" goto chioceloop
if %Choice% LSS 1 goto choiceloop
if %Choice% GTR %UBound% goto choiceloop
set Subfolder=!Subfolders[%Choice%]!
goto start

TITLE Delete Text Files - %Subfolder%
IF NOT EXIST %ERRPATH% goto notExist
IF EXIST %ERRPATH% echo.%ERRPATH% Exists - Beginning to test-delete files...
echo.Searching for .txt files...
pushd %ERRPATH%
for /r %%a in (*.txt) do (
echo "%%a" "%Subfolder%\%%~nxa"
verIFy >nul
choice /C:YNX /N /M "(Y)Yes or (N)No:"
IF '%ERRORLEVEL%'=='1' set question1=Y
IF '%ERRORLEVEL%'=='2' set question1=N
IF /I '%question1%'=='Y' goto execute
IF /I '%question1%'=='N' goto end

echo.%ERRPATH% Exists - Beginning to delete files...
echo.Searching for .txt files...
pushd %ERRPATH%
for /r %%a in (*.txt) do (
del "%%a" "%Subfolder%\%%~nxa"
goto end

echo.Finished deleting files from %subfolder%
goto choiceloop

REM Created by Trevor Giannetti
REM An unpublished work
REM (October 2012)

If you change the

set targetFolder= 

to the folder you want you won't get prompted for the folder. *Remember when putting the base path in, the format does not include a '\' on the end. e.g. d:\test c:\temp

Hope this helps

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del parentpath (or just place the .bat file inside parent folder) *.txt /s

That will delete all .txt files in the parent and all sub folders. If you want to delete multiple file extensions just add a space and do the same thing. Ex. *.txt *.dll *.xml

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