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Image files stored in Google Drive have an imageMediaMetadata property, containing metadata about the file.

Will it be possible to add structured metadata to other file types, perhaps using the properties from

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(the other answers are good, but just to add)

Sorry, this is not currently available. However, this is a high-priority feature, with a number of tricky technical difficulties that Google is working on. It was announced at Google IO 2012 as "coming soon", so stay tuned.

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It would be really handy to understand the direction that Google is taking on this. My bet would be that structuring the metadata as JSON would provide a forward path. Putting stringified JSON in the description might then be a temporary expedient. indexableText is described as write only which would reduce its utility. – DavidF Dec 11 '12 at 0:38

AFAIK, no, it is not possible yet.

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You could use the indexableText attribute for this, you would need to provide the structure yourself.

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