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I am using the jQuery validator to validate a jQuery multiselect dropdownlist but it does not validate, my functions are bellow:

These functions are created from my code behind and registered on the page with the ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock.

I put the following directly on the aspx page and it then validates the multiselect, but as soon as I do it from the code behind and register the script, all validators besides the multiselect works.

$.validator.addMethod('notNone', function(value, element) {  
            return (value != '-1');
        }, 'Please select an option.');

var $callback = $("#callback");
        $(document).ready(function () {
                show: "fade",
                hide: "fade",
                click: function (event, ui) {
                    $callback.text(ui.text + ' ' + (ui.checked ? 'checked' : 'unchecked'));

                rules: {
                    <%=example.UniqueID %>: {
                    notNone: true,
                    <%=txtPassword.UniqueID %>: {
                        //minlength: 5,
                        //required: true

                   <%=TextIdea.UniqueID %>: {
                        //minlength: 5,
                        //required: true

                 <%=ddlTest.UniqueID %>: {
                        //notNone: true

                 redemption : {
                        redemption : false

                 redemption: {
                        redemptionEnd : false
ignore: ':hidden:not("#<%=example.ClientID %>")',

                 messages: {
                    <%=example.UniqueID %>:{
                        notNone: "Plaese select something",                            
                    <%=txtPassword.UniqueID %>:{
                        required: "Plaese enter your password",
                        minlength: "Password must be atleaet of 5 characters"
                     <%=TextIdea.UniqueID %>:{
                      required: "Plaese enter your Ideas",
                      minlength: "Password must be atleaet of 5 characters"

My markup:

<select id="example" name="example" runat="server">

Am I doing something wrong? Please help guys.

Thanks in advance.

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Which multiselect plugin are you using (there are few out there) - we need to know in order to see how it stores it values. –  tpeczek Dec 11 '12 at 8:15
I am using the one from : erichynds.com/examples/jquery-ui-multiselect-widget/demos –  johnnie Dec 11 '12 at 8:45

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Okay, after 2 days I finally figured out what was going on, turns out the controls that use the jQuery multiSelect, their UniqueID gets appended with _multiSelect and the ClientID gets appended with $multiSelect.

Added those strings when getting the Client/UniqueID and it works.

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