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I am working on real time video compression. I am modeling it with MATLAB. I need to later implement it on DSP processor with 5832MIPS, 729MHz.

Is it feasible to implement Gaussian Mixture models on DSP processor or are there better algorithms for object detection ?

Thanks in advance

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Any kind of iterative procedure, in particular mixture model fitting, is quite time-consuming, and thus unlikely to be fast enough for real-time processing, unless you have only a handful of kernels to fit (we fit hundreds to a few thousands of spots, which takes several seconds per frame, despite our fast mixture-model implementation).

Why don't you use a non-iterative spot detector, such as H-Dome? Or do you need sub-pixel positions of your features?

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i.m trying it . Thanks –  ganesh17 Dec 21 '12 at 5:20

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