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It seems that if the path contains nested directories e.g. a/b/c/ then the call to create creates all those directories on path ...

fileSystem.create(new Path(path), true);

.. similar to a call to File.mkdirs

Is this a documented feature of HDFS?

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FWIW, The API at hadoop.apache.org/docs/hdfs/r0.22.0/api/org/apache/hadoop/hdfs/… indicates that the creation of parent directories defaults to true. Admitted, this is not the same exact call as invoked from DistributedFileSystem. –  cmonkey Dec 10 '12 at 16:16

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The default behavior of FileSystem API's create(…) methods (when used over a HDFS implementation, specifically) will send a create-parent flag to the server, asking for parents to be automatically created if they do not already exist.

Since FileSystem implementations are different in behavior for each platform, this is, expectedly, not true for local filesystem (file:// paths) create calls.

The toggle feature is available in the FileContext's create API, available in Hadoop 2.x onwards, which allows providing an Options.CreateOptions.donotCreateParent() option in order to disallow or control this behavior.

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