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I've an ASP.NET web form which collects information about customers. One of the many fields on this form is fileupload tool.
User is expected to upload certain document(which can be docx or .pdf) through this tool; once the entire form is completed, and submit button is pressed, document is forwarded to certain emails(viz admin, account controller etc).

My requirement is to provide a mechanism on my created page say a button (next to upload tool) reading "Sign this document". Which, upon click, grabs the selected document in the tool and signs it off.

My question is, is it possible? Is such simple layout for digitally signing documents is possible at all?. If yes then how?

In case such a layout is not possible, can I integrate some third party tool? so the button "Sign this document" now takes me to third party page, where i upload my document, sign it off, and it returns me the signed document. Are there such tools available?

What I did so far?

I explored about Adobe EchoSign Service and its EchoSignWidget feature is interesting, but then, it wants me to design layout through its interface which is problematic for me.

Are there any other better options? Open Source, customizable, easy-to-use?

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One of the additional problems with EchoSign is that it signs the documents using its own private key. That's not legally binding in all countries, for instance: not in Europe. Read itextpdf.com/book/digitalsignatures for more info about digital signing of PDF documents. –  Bruno Lowagie Dec 10 '12 at 13:09
Does the requirement outline how the user will sign the document exactly? Adobe Acrobat has the ability to sign a document provided you have a digital certificate. Using the same certificate doesn't actually do anything, if all the digital signatures, are using the same certificate. Besides Service/Product suggestions are not on topic on Stack Exchange websites. –  Ramhound Dec 10 '12 at 13:13
am new to this "digitally signing a document" world, so wanted to know other(better) methods which others use to sign their document! i asked for ways to get me through and not some discussion. I think that's the whole point of Stack Exchange websites u cowboy –  Manish Mishra Dec 10 '12 at 13:24