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i use the django's default admin for the admin site, and i create a app named "project" enter image description here

Then in the project change form, i want to show and dynamic image, i plan to draw some charts using the google API, so i must put change the html form to add a in the html file as below:

enter image description here

So my question is that how can i modify the django's default templates for this page, i can not find the form in templates/ folder, is this page named "change_form"? "change_list"? or some other names. If so ,how do i only change the form for app "Project" since maybe i will create some other apps in the same level with "project"

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You need a place for static files which is valid.

Then place an admin directory inside that static files directory.

Then add your addname as a directory like this:


Find your Django files. Then go to: contrib/admin/templates/admin

On OSX this would be:


Copy the file you want to overwrite to yourapp directory like above.


If you want to change a single form for a single app:

For example:


Only the model "modelname" will be affected by this html-file.

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i have made a mistake, the "project" is only a model of my app "ticket", i want to change "project"'s form –  jimwan Dec 10 '12 at 13:17
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