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I would like to realize a proof of concept TCP transparent proxy in Vert.x.


A verticle that listens on port X and when somebody connects and sends data it opens a client connection towards a preconfigured TCP server. From this moment until any of the peers closes the connection, a bidirectional channel is kept and data flows up and down the channel from client to server and viceversa.

Here's my attempt which is not working.

 vertx.createNetServer().connectHandler(new Handler<NetSocket>() {
        public void handle(final NetSocket socket) {
            vertx.createNetClient().connect(6367, "localhost", new Handler<NetSocket>() {

                public void handle(NetSocket cliSocket) {
                    Pump.createPump(socket, cliSocket);
                    Pump.createPump(cliSocket, socket);


At least this is how I understood the meaning of the Pump class:

Where's my error?

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I just was missing to start the pumps. Then it worked.

Pump.createPump(socket, cliSocket).start();
Pump.createPump(cliSocket, socket).start();
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