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i have built a small COM Port device which on every keypress will generate a a key output in the port.

key-1 = 0x31
key-2 = 0x31
FunctionKey1 = 0x90
FunctionKey2 = 0x91

so i am trying to update the data received from com port to a text box field.

For achieving that i am trying to generate a keyboard interrupt using(libsuinput).

wow it works.


Now i need have four special keys starts from Function-Key-1 to 4 in the device where i need to perform some special function processing when the key is pressed.i don't want to disturb any of the existing function keys.

so how to enable a new function key say like Fx to perform the action.

need some guidence

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For generating keyboard interrupt i am using : – Ragav Dec 10 '12 at 13:13

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