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We plan to create virtual machine to serve as a build server for our Windows Phone 8 projects. According to the official requirements the WP8 SDK runs only on Windows 8. The question is is it possible to install the VS2012 and WP8 SDK also on Windows Server 2012, or should we just use the supported Windows 8?
Note we use Hyper-V for hosting virtual machines and also we don't need the WP8 emulator on that build server.

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As a possible alternative (as I haven't tested your issue of building on WS 2012), why don't you use TFS online? It allows for 5 free projects (privately hosted in the cloud). See more here: http://tfs.visualstudio.com/

More on your issue: I have tried running the WP8 SDK on Windows 7 without any luck (but it's not supported so I understand). Also, I have tried running the WP8 SDK from a Windows 8 Virtual Machine, but the emulator did not run as Hyper-V can't run on Hyper-V without pursuing this option: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Community/Wiki/Windows_Phone_8_SDK_on_a_Virtual_Machine_with_Working_Emulator

Hope this helps in some way, shape, or form.

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On my workstation are installed VS2012, WP8 SDK. All works fine.

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