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I need to inspect javascript execution (webview widget) in an android application, while debugging; through SDK & usb cable and/or http/websockets; from destop computer (e.g. chrome running on desktop).

Webkit's sources includes DebuggerServer implementation ( platform_external_webkit\Source\WebKit\android\wds\DebugServer.cpp ) accessible at cpp level, and bound if flag WDS is enabled (at build time?)

Source\WebKit\android\jni\WebCoreFrameBridge.cpp:#if ENABLE(WDS) Source\WebKit\android\jni\WebCoreFrameBridge.cpp: WDS::server()->addFrame(frame);

The default port for server is 9999

The sources show that all is implemented (at Cpp level) to enable the feature, but I have not found any reference searching the web for experiences using live debugging at javascript level in adroid devices automating webkit's inspector interface.

1.- Are the feature present, in binary form, executing in actual android devices? (has adroid's distribution of webkit been built without WDS flag enabled? :-( )

2.- Can the remote debug feature be enabled/used from javascript or application (at java level) e.g. at startup of app?

3.- In case it is possible to enable the webkit inspector/debugger feature, how to make it possible to interact from remote application ? (e.g. from another javascript app using websockets, or chrome on desktop computers).

Some paragraphs explaining the mechanics like https://developers.google.com/chrome-developer-tools/docs/remote-debugging#remote would be nice!

thanks in advance for any information, or references about this topic. I consider important to enable remote debugging (in the device) at javascript level to make it possible modern development of HTML5 applications and happy debugging experience.

cheers, Ale.

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You can do remote debugging targeting the Android Browser with the weinre project. Or use Chrome remote debugging with the Chrome for Android browser. As far as I know, you can't target a WebView directly, but targeting the Android Browser should get you close.

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It cannot be done, because the debugger backend code is not there. The source code you are referencing to is a copy of webkit source in android, but it is not compiled into android release bits.

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