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I want to calculate values of w, being the distance between two points, iteratively. In my Aclass i have members like x, y and this w. So I use Pitagoras Theorem, but how to do it smoothly using iterators? This is my try, but I don't know how using iterator reference to the "previous than pointed" value. Please help :)

Aclass temp;
for (ars::cClassC::iterator it = New_Diff.begin(); it != New_Diff.end(); it++)
            temp.w = sqrt(((it->getX()-(it->getX()-1))^2+((it->getY()-(it->getY()-1)));
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Careful! x^2 is not "x to the power 2", it is "x XOR 2". So you need either to implement a square() function or just write x*x. – Alexander Chertov Dec 10 '12 at 13:36
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Just save the previous element:

ars::cClassC::iterator it_prev = New_Diff.end();
for (ars::cClassC::iterator it = New_Diff.begin(); it != New_Diff.end(); it++) {
  if (it_prev != New_Diff.end()) {
     //do the stuff here, now you have the two elements
  it_prev = it;
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