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I am not able to convert this code from C# to VB. I've already tried third party tools but not successful. Can someone help me please? Thank you!

EDIT: question should be: What is happening in variable resultsPerMapper?

var resultsPerMapper =
            from t in testResults
            group t by t.MapperType into g
            select new { 
                Mapper = SingleTestStats.FriendlyMapperTypeName(g.Key),
                AvgCandidateSpriteFails = g.Average(p => p.CandidateSpriteFails),
                AvgCandidateSpritesGenerated = g.Average(p => p.CandidateSpritesGenerated),
                AvgCanvasRectangleAddAttempts = g.Average(p => p.CanvasRectangleAddAttempts),
                AvgCanvasNbrCellsGenerated = g.Average(p => p.CanvasNbrCellsGenerated),
                AvgEfficiency = g.Average(p => p.Efficiency),
                AvgElapsedTicks = g.Average(p => p.ElapsedTicks)

    gvOverallResults.DataSource = resultsPerMapper;

EDIT 2: OK, I have ended up with this:

Dim resultsPerMapper = From t In testResults Group t By t.MapperType Into g = Group Select New With {Key .Mapper = SingleTestStats.FriendlyMapperTypeName(MapperType), _
                           Key .AvgCandidateSpriteFails = g.Average(Function(p) p.CandidateSpriteFails), _
                            Key .AvgCandidateSpritesGenerated = g.Average(Function(p) p.CandidateSpritesGenerated), _
                            Key .AvgCanvasRectangleAddAttempts = g.Average(Function(p) p.CanvasRectangleAddAttempts), _
                            Key .AvgCanvasNbrCellsGenerated = g.Average(Function(p) p.CanvasNbrCellsGenerated), _
                            Key .AvgEfficiency = g.Average(Function(p) p.Efficiency), _
                            Key .AvgElapsedTicks = g.Average(Function(p) p.ElapsedTicks)}

There are no syntax errors in converted code, but I'm not yet sure if results are correct. It will have to wait until I convert complete project.

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What have you tried? What is the problem with your approach? –  Daniel Hilgarth Dec 10 '12 at 13:24
Stack Overflow isn't a place where you ask us to do your work for you. At the very least show us your best effort to date and explain how it fails. –  David Heffernan Dec 10 '12 at 13:26
The biggest problem is that I have failed to understand what this sample does or what is equivalent code in vb for doing this. I have tried to loop through "testResult" and fill it dataTable and failed everytime. Can at least some one explain to me what is happening in resultsPerMapper before it's binded to gvOverallResults?? –  kokynator Dec 10 '12 at 13:37
When you ask, "What is happening", are you not familiar with Linq in general, or is there some part of this particular query you are not understanding? –  Kratz Dec 10 '12 at 14:04
With Linq in general. –  kokynator Dec 10 '12 at 14:09

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I do not exactly understand what your question is.

The translated (untested) code:

    Dim resultsPerMapper = From g In From t In testResultsGroup t By t.MapperTypeNew With { _ 
Key.Mapper = SingleTestStats.FriendlyMapperTypeName(g.Key), _ 
Key.AvgCandidateSpriteFails = g.Average(Function(p) p.CandidateSpriteFails), _
Key.AvgCandidateSpritesGenerated = g.Average(Function(p) p.CandidateSpritesGenerated), _ 
Key.AvgCanvasRectangleAddAttempts = g.Average(Function(p) p.CanvasRectangleAddAttempts), _
Key.AvgCanvasNbrCellsGenerated = g.Average(Function(p) p.CanvasNbrCellsGenerated), _
Key.AvgEfficiency = g.Average(Function(p) p.Efficiency), _ Key .AvgElapsedTicks = g.Average
(Function(p) p.ElapsedTicks) _

    gvOverallResults.DataSource = resultsPerMappergvOverallResults.DataBind()


It is really difficult to explain what this code is for when the whole context is missing! I don't know the domain model etc. that you use.

For me it looks like this:

There is a testResultGroup grouped by MapperTypeNew. And in this group are few properties e.g. CandidateSpritesGenerated. From these properties we take the avarage and store it in Avg* of every entity in the grouped collection..

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Thank you for your effort. It's not working. I've done that already. What I meant with my question is if someone could explain to me what is happening in this code example? If I'd understand it, i might be able to convert it to VB. –  kokynator Dec 10 '12 at 14:04

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