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What does SSIS packageformat 1 and 0 stand for ? According to the official MSDN documentation there is only 2 and 3.

Where A value of 2 indicates that the package is saved in the SQL Server 2005 Integration Services format. A value of 3 indicates that the package is saved in the SQL Server 2008 Integration Services format.

I have them stored on a SQL2008R2 server's MSDB.

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There are a lot of queries around the web (for example here) whereby 0 means '2005' and 1 means '2008'. I think really the '2008' is 'not 2005'. Certainly if you look in an MSDB on 2012 there are rows with '1' where the actual XML contains a PackageFormatVersion of 6.

The 2/3/6 are the values which go into the <DTS:Property DTS:Name="PackageFormatVersion">6</DTS:Property> bit of the XML of the actual package.

I think that MSDN doc page is just wrong.

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