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I've created my first wp-theme and right now my first page is dynamic and only shows posts. I want to change that so that I can show a static text first and below I want to be able to show one post from my blog. I Have the perfect example, go to they have a static text and below they have blogposts. How can I do that?

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can I upload the whole site as a static html file(but change it to .php) and then add dynamic parts? like after my static div add a dynamic statement? – Vicky Picky Dec 10 '12 at 13:44
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I think it is not a static text. I would suggest it's as description of custom-taxonomy/category. If you click on Sökmotoroptimering (or any other taxonomy in those four-boxes) you will see that text again.

About the slider. It think it's a plugin wich might have own settings-panel in the dashboard. (Just google for "free wordpress slider")

P.S. If you want to code something like that by yourself, look into wp codex

You can try to get all categories first and then iterate through and dispaly category-name & its description...

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