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var klas4 = [];

klas4[2] = [];
klas4[2]["hour"] = 1;
klas4[2]["teacher"] = "JAG";
klas4[2]["group"] = "V4A";
klas4[2]["subject"] = "IN";
klas4[2]["classroom"] = "B111";

klas4[0] = [];
klas4[0]["hour"] = 6;
klas4[0]["teacher"] = "JAG";
klas4[0]["group"] = "V4B";
klas4[0]["subject"] = "IN";
klas4[0]["classroom"] = "B111";

klas4[1] = [];
klas4[1]["hour"] = 4;
klas4[1]["teacher"] = "NAG";
klas4[1]["group"] = "V4A";
klas4[1]["subject"] = "NA";
klas4[1]["classroom"] = "B309";

This multidimensional array needs to be sorted by hour, ascending. The problem is, I don't know how to sort an multidimensional array. The first dimension (0, 1 and 2), needs to be changed, according to the hour, but all other details from dimension 2 (teacher, group etc.) also need to change from index, because otherwise the data is mixed. You don't know how many indexes there are. In this example, the correct sequence should be: klas4[2][...], klas4[1][...], klas[0][...]

In PHP there's a certain function multisort, but I couldn't find this in jQuery or JavaScript.

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klas4[0] = []; should really be an object, not an array. It should look like klas4[0] = { "hour" : 6, "teacher" : "JAG", "group" : "V4B", "subject" : "IN", "classroom" : "B111" }; – epascarello Dec 10 '12 at 14:23
You're using arrays improperly, when you think you're adding elements you're just adding properties to the array object. see this question for more info. – jbabey Dec 10 '12 at 14:24
@epascarello you can omit the quotes on the keys... – Christoph Dec 10 '12 at 14:31
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klas4.sort( function(a,b){ return a.hour - b.hour } );

should do it.

It helps to think of klas4 not as a multi-array but as 1 array of objects. Then you sort the objects in that array with a sort function.

The sort function takes 2 objects and you must return which one comes first.

You should read on sort() for Array, google that.

Also, as others have commented; the entries for klas4 are really objects, you should use

klas4[2] = {};

or even better

klas4[2] = { hour:1 , teacher:"JAG" , group:"V4A" , subject: "IN" };

Finally, I assume you are a native Dutch or German speaker, as I am. I would strongly suggest to name all your variables in English, class4, not klas4. It is the right, professional thing to do.

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