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got two tables node:

nid INT(10)
type (VARCHAR(32))


nid INT(10)
totalcount (bigint(20))

i need to select all nids from node table which are not in node_hit_count table and WHERE node type is equal to feature or home or competition

What i have tried, its wrong, and my mind is gonna blow :/

select * from node left join node_hit_counter on node.nid=node_hit_counter.nid 

where hit.nid is null and node.type IN ('feature', 'home', 'competition')
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i think your alias "hit" do not exists – silly Dec 10 '12 at 14:24
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What is the hit.nid in the WHERE clause. You have to use WHERE node.nid IS NULL instead like so:

select node.*
from node 
left join node_hit_counter on node.nid = node_hit_counter.nid 
where node.nid is null 
  and node.type IN ('feature', 'home', 'competition');


FROM node
WHERE nid NOT IN(SELECT nid FROM node_hit_counter WHERE nid IS NOT NULL)
  AND type IN ('feature', 'home', 'competition');
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+1 for alternative with SubSelect – Sir Rufo Dec 10 '12 at 14:28
damn) thank you, i need more coffee :> – Neok Dec 10 '12 at 14:28

try this and you can use your hit.nid in where clause :o)

select n.* 
from node n
left join node_hit_counter hit on n.nid=hit.nid 
where hit.nid is null 
and n.type IN ('feature', 'home', 'competition')
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