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I am newbie dealing with mercurial. I did some mess trying on branches and now I want to "flat" all branches in just one "default"

josir@josir-desktop:~/bitbucket/campus$ hg branches
default                       27:f28e8d8773c6
15                            20:6b434f251b7e

branches has already been pushed to remote repo.

I want to purge all other branches discarding all changes on it. Reading those tutorial, I could not identify the best option to fix it.

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The easiest thing is to just "close" the unwanted branches and leave them in peace:

hg update -r "branch('15')"
hg commit --close-branch 

If you only have push/pull access to the remote repo, there's no way to remove changesets after you've pushed them. So close the branch and move on, or discard the bitbucket repo, clean the local one, and start over.

To clean up your local repo, if you have a big mess the easiest way is to pick a good revision (e.g., the tip of default, but you can choose an earlier one) and clone just that and all its ancestors:

hg clone -r <goodrev> messy-repo new-repo

The documentation (which you'd already cited) has a good explanation of this and several other branch-pruning options, but none of them are appropriate after you've pushed to a repository you don't control.

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for branch with name 15 update to branch head have to be hg up 15 –  Lazy Badger Dec 10 '12 at 18:43
Oh? Indeed! :-) Still, maybe this syntax is needed for some of the branches the OP wants to close. It'll work if the branch name contains a colon, for example. (Of course one could also just give the revision number...) –  alexis Dec 10 '12 at 23:25
Perhaps a link to PruningDeadBranches would be helpful? –  davidmc24 Dec 11 '12 at 15:39
Good point, thanks. Added it. –  alexis Dec 11 '12 at 16:59
Thanks for replying @davidmc24 but the link is exactly the same that I post on original question. The link gave several options: I didn't know which is the best one for my problem. –  Josir Dec 12 '12 at 10:21

For already pushed branch you haven't any freedom: only --close-branch

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When I issue hg branches, I got a two column report like the above:

josir@josir-desktop:~/bitbucket/spo$ hg branches
dev                          232:31cf2690dd47 (inativo)

What have I understood for that ?

There are 2 opened branches :(

That was my big mistake. There is just ONE branch: dev

The second column "232:31cf..." is just the last commit of the "dev" branch!!!

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