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In my sql script I have this:

insert into @res
            when x = 'tblDoll' then (...)
            when x = 'tblCar' then (...)
            when x = 'tblRocket' then
                if rel_table_id = @old_id
                    (select x.price from tableInDb x where x.id = rel_table.toy_id)
        from rel_table
        where my_toy_id = @toy_id

@old_id is an input parameter.

But something in the if returns syntax error. rel_table_id is the id of rel_table. How to put an if condition there?

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JOIN the two tables, with more nested CASE expression like so:

    WHEN x = 'tblDoll'               THEN  (...)
    WHEN x = 'tblCar'                THEN  (...)
    WHEN x = 'tblRocket'             THEN  
      CASE WHEN rel_table_id = @old_id THEN  x.price END
FROM rel_table t1
INNER JOIN tableInDb x ON x.id = rel_table.toy_id
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need to alias tableInDb and not use x as it is used –  Blam Dec 10 '12 at 14:33
@Blam - Fixed now. Thanks. –  Mahmoud Gamal Dec 10 '12 at 14:36
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